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For over 20 years, Susin Ross Greenberg has been helping people make great first impressions. Through thoughtful application of makeup and an eye for wardrobe, Susin acts as a personal brand image consultant, helping each individual feel natural and true to themselves.


"If someone looks 'made-up,' they aren't at ease. Enhancing a person's natural beauty is my goal. No two faces are the same to me and it's challenging and fun to find the uniqueness in each and every client and to bring it to the surface."


Feature films, commercials, corporate, stage and live events, portraits... any situation that requires makeup... showcases Susin's love of creating beauty as well as her creativity through special effects applications including prosthetics, wounds, and gore.


"I feel my job is twofold... first, to make your visual brand image the best it can be, and second, to help make you feel confident and comfortable. Over the years I've worked with countless 'celebrities,' but in my world, I want everyone to feel like and be the celebrity of their moment."


Susin's visual prowess continues in the wardrobe department. Well-versed and expert in character and period stylization, these assignments demonstrate her innate talents. But no matter where she roams, Susin always goes back home to her core competency – helping create and maintain positive, personal brand image. 

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