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Bridget Coffing
Senior Vice President, Chief Communications Officer at McDonald's Corporation
Susin has worked with us for many years, and has done a remarkable job working with a host of executives, addressing their many and diverse needs. Be it preparing to go on a live tv appearance, present in front of an audience of many thousands, or simply to tape a video message that will be shown worldwide, our spokespeople know that Susin will have them looking their best for the job at hand. I highly recommend and endorse her work. She also has superb instincts, puts people at ease, and is "good people."

February 20, 2013, Bridget was Susin's client


Mary Dillon
President & CEO at ULTA Beauty

Susin is fantastic, you'll look like you, only better!!


Larry Light
Chief Brands Officer at InterContinental Hotels Group

Susin is excellent at what she does and excellent to be with. She not only does well at her work, but she is a pleasure to be with. Before presentations, Susin not only helps me to look good but helps me to feel good.


Rich Floersch
Chief Human Resources Officer at McDonald's

Susin is both talented as a stylist and an absolute pleasure to be with. Typically, when I am with her I am getting ready for a speech or video session and I am completely at ease when sitting in the chair with Susin - knowing she will do a great job.


David Czuba
Owner, David Czuba Photography

I love working with Susin. She brings years of experience and personable charm to every project.
Many of my clients enter the studio nervous and self-conscious. Through the use of casual conversation, deft line work, and impeccable color blending, Susin delivers these portrait subjects to me, cool, calm, collected, and most of all, looking great! She is always there, waiting in the wings, ready to address the occasional fly-away hair, the shifting jewelry, or any of the myriad details which must come together to create the "Look". This allows me to quickly develop a rapport with each subject, get the perfect expression, and concentrate on lighting and composition. And Susin saves the client of ton of money with her lint roller.


Jason Bennett Harris
Senior Principal Consultant at Clareo Partners

Susin is a "pro's pro" when it comes to working with executives and getting them looking good / feeling good for a big presentation, photo shoot, or on camera interview. She is very personable, works in a flexible style, and has a very caring approach. Her artistry is first rate, and her personality is second to none! I highly recommend her!!

October 10, 2012, Jason Bennett was Susin's client


Stacie Heintze
Producer, McDonald's Corporation

Susin is a consumate professional and a pleasure to work with. She puts a beautiful face on everyone and makes them feel comfortable and ready to present. I highly recommend her.


Bill Whitman, Jr.

Managing Director at Burson-Marsteller

I've worked with Susin for more than 10 years. She's an excellent business partner who understands the importance of her work, how it impacts her clients' brand image as well as their personal and professional reputations. She works well with others, especially, senior executives, media, staff and customers. Susin's a great resource and trusted thought partner.


Mike Bullington
Senior Archives Manager at McDonald's Corporation

Susin is a professional. She makes you feel at ease as she prepares you for your interview, presentation or studio session. She is confident and accomplished.


Melissa Daly
Supervisor, Global External Communicaitons at McDonald's Corporation

Susin is a great make-up artist who understands the needs of her clients and delivers beautiful results. She has worked with the highest level executives at our company and is sought for her skill and her trustworthiness. We know we can always count on Susin to do a great job and come through for us.


Walt Riker
Freelance communications consultant

She is a total pro, one who exhibited class and an easy going manner that took the tension out of make up for all of us who were well served by Susin. She also did her great work for a challenging, broad range of clients: CEOs, movie stars and amateurs -- no easy task!


Mike Brennan
Senior Producer, Creative Services at McDonald's

Susin is a great addition to any production. She brings a wonderfully positive attitude to every job and puts the clients at easy with her enthusiasm and expertise. I highly recommend Susin for any makeup, hair, or styling needs.


Karen Kowalyshen
Associate Producer at Radar Studios

I first met Susin while I freelanced with McDonald's Creative Services Dept. She was great to work with and once I moved on to Produce at Daily Planet Productions, she was always first on my list when a makeup artist was needed for a shoot. I'm always confident in her art and her wonderful personality only makes my list of compliments longer. On a personal note, I considered her my ONLY option for my hair and makeup for my wedding. I was so happy she was available!!! I highly recommend Susin as a hair & makeup artist.


Randy Kamptner
Owner, Exclaim Inc.

When you want to work with a great makeup stylist in Chicago that your clients will request by name, call Susin!


Eileen Steed
Senior Producer/Director at McDonald's Corporation

Susin is a valued partner and I trust her to make our executives look fabulous. I wouldn't have an event without her.

November 6, 2012, Eileen was Susin's client


Rebecca Hary
Global Media Relations Manager at McDonald's Corporation

Susin is great to work with, very reliable and has exceptional skills. We always feel confident when she works with us on our jobs. She's a true asset to McDonald's.


David Cosby
Director/Cameraman, Owner at Camera Originals

Fast, friendly and effective all describe Susin and her work. You may find others with the same quality out there somewhere but you will never find better as Susin sets the standard.


Barbara Scott
Coordinator at The August Jackson Company
I have worked with Susin for many years on a variety of projects; commercials, videos, and corporate events. She is a proven team player and always gives 100% to the job she is working on. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a make-up artist.


Teresa Wysoglad
Sr. Producer/Director at Red19 Creative

Susin always makes sure I'm completely satisfied with her work, and with her skills and attention to detail, I trust her completely to deliver excellent results. She also is a very positive and "at the ready" on set.


Laura Schram
Freelance Producer / Director / Writer

I've hired Susin as both a make-up artist and wardrobe stylist for several shoots over the past 10+ years. Besides being great at her work, one of her best attributes is her ability to put everyone at ease. This is especially helpful just prior to a shoot when nerves start to get the best of some talent, especially non-professional. I've mainly used her for make-up but recently hire her for wardrobe and was so pleased with her work in this field too. I would highly recommend Susin!


Fred Kier
Senior Producer at Post Meridian

Susin was an important crew member for almost all of our company's national television commercials featuring on camera talent. As someone we brought in time after time, we knew we could count on Susin to not only make the talent look great, but also to feel good about themselves and confident in their roles.


Monika Czehak
Innovative Marketing Professional

Susin is a great make-up artist. She demonstrates a great attention to detail, is reliable, profesional and her vibrant personality puts even the most make-up shy executive at ease. I have worked with her at my last three positions and would highly recommend her work.


Robert Maraist
Owner, Producer, Director, DP

Susin brings years of experience and creativity in her smile and sunny personality that lights up the set. Attentive to all the demands that come with a day packed full of production, and does not just consider her own needs of fulfillling her roll. You can not go wrong when bringing Susin on your team.

September 28, 2012, Robert was Susin's client


Sandra Witten, PA-C, MPAS
Dermatology Expert For Television. Featured on ABC, CBS and NBC.
15 Yrs Clinical Dermatology Experience. Blogger Pink Memo

Susin did my makeup for a photo shoot that I did recently. I am AMAZED at her skill level. I have been on camera for years, and I have never been so impressed with a makeup artist. She is blessed with the ability to make people beautiful. She was a delight to work with, and extremely professional. It takes a lot for me to sit down and write a review for someone. Her makeup was beyond outstanding. She has a true gift.


Carol Wick
Owner, Wick & Associates, Inc.

Susin Ross Greenberg is a true professional. She always has what the job requires. Whether it be a video, meeting or mutil-day meeting.

William Parrish
Owner, Bill Parrish Photography and Videography

I have worked with Susin on a number of photo shoots. Susin exudes the professional, yet friendly, demeanor that always keeps the photo subject at ease. But, moreover, her work is fabulous. Whether she's doing make up for female faces or smoothing out male executives, the make up is always done very well and maintains that "clean" look. Recommending Susin's work comes with great ease.


John Frangoulis
Owner at Frangoulis Photography

Susin and I worked together on several corporate executive shots and model shots as well as a job where she had to put an entire beard on a male model and "weather" him. He was added to a mountain photo and looked just like a mountain climber. I've never seen a fake beard look completely REAL. She was always a total professional and I trusted her with every job that came up.


Mary Jo Faraci
On Camera and Voice Actor

I'm an actor and worked with Susin on several commercials over the past 15 to 20 years. She is a wonderful make up artist as well as a compassionate, lovely person. I'm always delighted when I see her at a shoot because I know I am in good hands.


Anne Jacques
Independent Performing Arts Professional, Corporate On-Camera Trainer, Speaker, Writer

I am always happy when I walk onto a set and find that the Stylist is Susin! Her makeup work is always just what the shoot needs - for me usually 'subtle and professiona' type. Her hair work is consistently good as well - solves problem hair and gets me on set ASAP! She's an artist at her work, and deftly and unobtrusively maintains the actors throughout the shoot. Just as important is Susin's personality and style - she makes the actors feel very comfortable and at ease, is a confident liaison with the director and production team, and always helps make a set a warm, upbeat place to work. Very positive energy, always focused on the shoot. I highly recommend her work!


Chris Skrundz
Owner, Amazing Media, Inc. and Video Producer

I hired Susin to work on a shoot with particularly tempermental talent-toddlers and preeschoolers. Susin rose to the challenge and did top notch work. She made the kids look great but that was just the beginning. She went above and beyond the call of duty by helping wrangle the kids and keep them engaged on set. This made the shoot go much smoother than it would have...more


Angelo Bosco
Producer / Project Manager at Big Shoulders Digital Video

Susin is a total pro. We hired her as a make up person, as well as a wardrobe stylist. She handled all the details and made it look easy. Her demeanor and attitude made our shoots go seamlessly and smoothy. Always looking to see what else she can contribute, Susin is a great asset to any production. You'll find that you hire her for her expertise, but her attitude has you hire her again and again.


Toni Reed
Freelance Broadcast Producer

Susin is simply...FABULOUS!! I so enjoyed working with her during many live convention shows, webcasts and video tapings with McDonald's Corporation. She is personable, professional and made every executive feel at ease as she worked her magic! Susin is an asset to any team and overall just fun to work with!


Leslie Rogers
Video Producer/Director + Speaker Support Producer

I have had the pleasure of working with Susin many times. She is not only a fantastic make up artist, but she worked so well with the clients. She put them at ease and most importantly, created a fun and convenient way for them to look their best. I can't wait to work with Susin again!


Warren Colman
President at Colman Communications Corp.

I have worked with Susin on many projects over the years and cannot speak too highly of her professionalism. She's always cheerful, helpful and goes out of her way to achieve the best results possible. She's always the first person I call whenever I need makeup services. The ultimate pro.


Kordt Larsen
Owner, The Kordt Co., Inc.

Susin is the pro you want to work with. She's great at what she does and soooo reliable. She's done hair and make-up for many of my shoots and she's also an expert stylist. She's done costuming from purses to wedding dresses. And she's a joy to work with. A total pro. Rely on her!


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